Perils of Daytime TV

I have the attention span of a gna…..

I logged on to pay my credit card bill, organise some Student Finance shizz (did I mention that I’m a mature student? Lol, as they say) but ‘accidentally’ switched the TV on too. Having watched Eamon and Ruth interview a family who took their children out of school for two years to go travelling I have now found (today’s) obsession! We are going travelling. Just got to see Gok dress some randoms first.

I’ve already read ‘Can We Live Here?’ by Sarah Alderson, having seen her on BBC Breakfast last week, so I definitely know what I’m talking about! She said ‘fuck it’ to everything, took out a bank loan for a ‘new bathroom’ and bought round the world tickets for herself, her husband and small child.

Sarah Alderson's global search for adventure and a place to live.
Sarah Alderson’s global search for adventure and a place to live.

Of course there is a issue in the fact that we rent, so can’t get a huge loan for refurbs, damn. And I’m one year into a degree and I’m going to be a granny for the first time in October! But the belief that I will, one day, travel the world is there and that’s the main thing because…..hold on….winner of ‘Come Dine With Me’ just being….what….that nob?? ……..because I want an adventure so that’s what I’m going to get!

Right, best pay my credit card…..ouch….looks like I won’t be travelling  first class on that! I wonder if Student Finance…..fuck it!


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