ThisJourney’ is not quite what I had planned. I’m not sure, no, I’m absolutely positive that, actually, I never really planned any of it. Becoming a mum, an adult and taking responsibility (yes, in that order, you see what I mean, my planning skills are virtually non-existent), it all just kind of happened. One day I was practicing kissing on my poster of Richard Dreyfuss (circa Jaws)…(don’t judge me) and the next I was oiling my own wok….not a euphemism. I had just had my 19th birthday and moved into my first flat and for Christmas I got a wok (I’d asked for one of those over-bed sunbeds)….I was expected to cook with it (not the sunbed) I used it for filing take-away menus, I am aware of the irony!

I’m hoping (easier and less assertive than planning), hoping that this blog may help me to grow up…..I’m going to be a granny…..soon!

Richard Dreyfuss


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